Our gear is selected for a blend of safety, comfort, and performance.

Touring Kayaks - We generally use the Wilderness Systems Tsunami 145 on our overnight and full day tours. It is stable for a touring kayak, moves through the water easily, tracks well even without a rudder, has plenty of cargo space, and offers the most comfortable seat on the market.

Sit on Top Kayaks - We use Ocean Kayak Scramblers and Malibu 2's on our half day tours. These offer plenty of back support and enough performance for day of paddling.

Lifejackets - We use NRS Vista lifejackets on our day tours and NRS Ninja lifejackets on our overnight tours.

Sleeping Pads - On our overnight tours, we use Thermarest Basecamp pads. These are incredibly comfortable!

Sleeping Bags - We use Northface sleeping bags rated to 40F and always use a freshly laundered silk/cotton liner.

Tents - Our Coleman tents are 7x7' or 5x7' which offer enough room for comfort but are compact enough to pack easily.

Camp Toilet - We bring a folding toilet you can sit down on with a bag system that includes de-orderizer. If there are no locations that are away from camp and hidden, we use a privacy tent too.